About Ultra Built

For Green construction compliance, Ultra Built “LEEDS” the way!

Environmental sustainability is both a personal and a professional commitment to everyone at Ultra Built.

You’ll find Ultra Built is a standing member of the professional organizations that set the standards for building cabinets and building green:

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Woodworking Institute of California (WI)

It’s no wonder then that our cabinets meet the requirements for LEED credits and LEED certification. And that gives you a significant start on getting your project certified “green.” In fact, the materials and resources used on a project account for nearly 13% of total possible LEED points!

Ultra Built cabinet boxes are durable, moisture resistant and environmentally friendly:

The EPP solid 3/4" plywood, particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF) used to construct our boxes is free of synthetic formaldehyde resins.

The particle board, MDF, and plywood cores that make up our cabinet case adhere to strict formaldehyde emissions standards.

Our stains and water based paints are low VOC, and we use only water based glues and finishes.

Apart from hardware, all our supplies (particle board, high-pressure laminate, plywood, doors, etc.) are from green compliant vendors.

Woods from managed forests are available upon request.

FSC Certified veneers are available.

And because Ultra Built utilizes the latest in machining technology, we can attain the highest yield possible from raw materials. That means less waste and less impact on natural resources. In fact, nothing goes to waste at Ultra Built – not even our sawdust!

Here are some ways Ultra Built as a company is minimizing its carbon footprint:

Fluorescent lighting is used throughout our facility. Lights in unoccupied offices or areas are shut off.

Automated thermostats reduce energy usage by changing facility temperatures when areas are not being utilized.

Proposals and client plans are submitted and viewed in digital format, reducing our paper use.

Invoices are delivered electronically whenever possible.

Ultra Built trucks run on diesel fuel.

The facility recycles aluminum, paper, cardboard (shipping materials) and even sawdust.

The waste management company we use is also eco-friendly.